Women Making History Month!

Whew! It’s been a year already since our first Women Making History Month salute. I know it’s Woman In History Month but there are so many dynamic women who are making things happen today that are impacting our future that I have to acknowledge them.

First, I want to recap the fierce women that we honored in 2015!  I am re-posting their interviews and recordings. Women like Toni Simmons Henson from the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, award-winning author Stacy Hawkins Adams, entrepreneur and publisher Elissa Gabrielle, author and business promotion guru LaShaunda Hoffman,  visionary Tia Ross and solopreneur, community activist Damita Shanklin. I will post several more tomorrow but this is a good start…

.Toni Simmons Henson and Woodie King, Jr.                 Stacy Hawkins Adams                  Elissa Gabrielle

LaShaunda Hoffman                 Tia Ross                  Damita Shanklin

Search through our site and take a few moments to check these dynamic women out while we get ready for our 2016 team of Women Making History!

We are doing things!!!