The African American community has lost confidence in our societal institutions’ ability to render colorblind justice. At the center of this crisis are African-Americans in law enforcement. The Award-winning playwright, Jeanette Hill has tackled this delicate yet explosive topic in the play Don’t Call Me Brother!


Andrew Merritt is at a crossroad both personally and professionally. Years of hard work and sacrifice have finally paid off. He has recently been appointed the chief of the police department’s Community Liaison Office. However, another black youth killed by a police officer under questionable circumstances coupled with the ensuing media frenzy over the community’s response to this latest death forces him into a difficult position. Making his job even more difficult is Hassan, his highly visible, activist brother who ignores Andrew’s difficulties and calls for immediate police accountability and department-wide reform.  Hassan’s public stand not only incites the community but it wreaks havoc with the already fragile relationship between the two brothers. Pulled into an unbearable conflict, he’s criticized from both sides. Andrew struggles between his allegiance to the police department where after twenty-four years he finally has an opportunity to step into his destiny and his loyalty to his family and community.  Is this promotion really a step up…or a setup?

Praise for Don't Call Me Brother!

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