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I don’t know exactly when Tyora Moody came up with the idea to bring together women who achieved success in a number of different industries to offer advice to women who thinking about or who may have already started on the road to entrepreneurship but “When Women Become Business Owners” is pure genius!

Readers will get practical, first hand information on not only the ups but also the downs of being in business but also steps to sustain your business,  your personal life and sometimes even your sanity from women who have been on the front lines!


SIV Compilation Photos of WWBBO

When Women Become Business Owners will become a ‘go to’ manual for those who are looking for advice, strategy and encouragement in this faith-based chronicle of life though a business lens.


I am honored to be included the first of the anthology series of ‘When Women Become Business Owners’ and to be in the company of such wonderful women who were kind enough to share their knowledge and experiences.

I believe people will refer to it often as they navigate the roller coaster ride of business.

Valuable advice from successful women business owners
Valuable advice from successful women business owners