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The Front Porch Divas!  Distinguished. Intelligent. Vivacious. Ageless.

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You will know one when you see one!

A Front Porch Diva is smart, confident and strong. These women are over forty and fabulous! They may be of a certain age but the calendar neither defines or constrains them.

Divas come in all shapes, sizes and shades and have a swag uniquely their own. They love God, their families and their pleasure of choice. A Diva has a caring nature, a giving spirit and an understanding heart but don’t let her soul skills fool you. she  recognizes bull when she hears it!
From Type A personalities to textbook introverts, they still rock. Blessed with a healthy dose of mother wit nothing gets past these ladies. When it comes to the business of others, the Divas have mastered how to hear and not hear, see and not see, speak and not speak…and they keep more secrets than the CIA-unless someone is at risk. Then all bets are off.

Some may be described as classy, some sassy and even sexy. She can also be all three…at the same time.

Think Angela Bassett, Michelle Obama, Lisa Price, Mara Brook Akil, Carla Harris

Get the picture? I’m sure that you know a few Front Porch Divas.

Maybe you are one?


I don’t know exactly when Tyora Moody came up with the idea to bring together women who achieved success in a number of different industries to offer advice to women who thinking about or who may have already started on the road to entrepreneurship but “When Women Become Business Owners” is pure genius!

Readers will get practical, first hand information on not only the ups but also the downs of being in business but also steps to sustain your business,  your personal life and sometimes even your sanity from women who have been on the front lines!


SIV Compilation Photos of WWBBO

When Women Become Business Owners will become a ‘go to’ manual for those who are looking for advice, strategy and encouragement in this faith-based chronicle of life though a business lens.


I am honored to be included the first of the anthology series of ‘When Women Become Business Owners’ and to be in the company of such wonderful women who were kind enough to share their knowledge and experiences.

I believe people will refer to it often as they navigate the roller coaster ride of business.

Valuable advice from successful women business owners
Valuable advice from successful women business owners