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Review: TWO TRAINS RUNNING (Goodman Theatre)


Two Trains Running!! Wow! I wish I could have attended this production!! I love all things August Wilson. His themes, settings, stories and those characters who become  friends and neighbors for that short time on the stage! Most are set in Pittsburgh, though it could be any urban setting-Cleveland, Houston, LA, New York, Memphis or Chicago…the soul of his works and the voices ring true.

August Wilson did what no other playwright had done. He wrote ten plays in ten year cycles that took place in the same setting (Pittsburgh) and used the same people/neighborhood residents.

In historical order:

1904 – Gem of the Ocean

1911 – Joe Turner’s Come and Gone

1927 – Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

1936 – The Piano Lesson

1948 – Seven Guitars

1957 – Fences

1969 – Two Trains Running

1977 – Jitney

1985 – King Hedley II

1997 – Radio Golf


I think you’ll enjoy NewCity Stage’s review of the Goodman Theatre’s current production of Wilson’s ‘Two Trains Running':